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Our Balachaung Story

Burma Star

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Burma Star Foods Limited is unique in the UK by producing high quality, authentic Balachaung to a secret and long standing family recipe. Having many years of excellent feedback from friends and family, we believe that our products are “world class” and now we are able to share these exceptional condiments and other high quality Burmese products to purchasers across the UK and the wider world.

My parents Noel and Muriel, brought us to England in 1966. We departed Rangoon on a BB Line semi-cargo ship the “MV Hertfordshire”. I was the youngest of the five siblings, aged nine. We arrived at Tilbury Docks in London on a cold misty day in December, wondering where our lives would go from there. I now look back at the many years past and thank my parents for their bravery, the values and standards that they instilled in all of us.

My father with the help of my mother, began making Balachaung at home as it had a nostalgic taste of what we had left behind. As time went on, when visitors came for a meal at our house, they always returned home with generous helpings of the Balachaung. Before long word got around to our extended family and friends about the taste and quality of this product, and so " the Balachaung Production Wheel " in our home had begun to turn.

For almost forty years my mother would prepare and chop the onions and garlic and my father would make the Balachaung on a small paraffin stove in the garden. Over the years he created and perfected these products, taking care to produce the same flavour and quality every time.

My father had now reached a grand old age and it was time to pass the mantle on to myself to continue making these special products. It was then that ”Burma Star Foods Ltd” was born. Everyone who has tasted these products have fallen in love with them. We now continue to produce “Noel’s Original and Crispy Balachaung, as well as introducing our very own delicious chilli oil.


Keep checking back with us as we will be adding many more exquisite & flavourful products to our range.

We hope you enjoy our products. Don't forget to try our recipes page for a true taste of Burma.


Thanks for visiting,


Karl D'Mello

     and My Dad, Noel     

The picture below shows my Dad at the ceremony of the maiden train journey from Rangoon to Mandalay, on the very first diesel train to operate in Burma. He was the first driver to operate a diesel train engine in Burma. 

Burma Railway Rangoon

08∙12∙1916 ⧟ 30∙11∙2018 (101 yrs)

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