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Fresh Side Salad

Tomato & cucumber side salad


This side salad is an excellent choice with spicy dhal & rice dishes, it has a cooling affect from the yogurt and a freshness from the tomato & cucumber.


  • 2 - 4 people depending on how much you like salad


  • of a whole large cucumber

  • Equivalent amount of fresh tomatoes of your choice

  • 1  x  Spring Onion

  • ½ tbsp  x  Greek or Natural Yogurt

  • A splash of Olive Oil

  • A squeeze of Lemon

  • A dash of Salt & Pepper



1)  Wash the cucumber, tomato and spring onion.

2)  Slice the cucumber into circles about 3mm in thickness.

3)  Stack up the circles, take a third of the stack and slice them approx. 3mm wide creating matchsticks. Repeat the process for the other two thirds and place into a small salad bowl.

4)  Depending on the type of tomato you're using:

For beefsteak tomato type, slice in the similar way to the cucumber until you have roughly the same amount of  tomato as the cucumber and add to the bowl.

If using tomato such as cherry or Roma, quarter it length ways until the same amount and add            to the bowl.

5)  Remove outer layer of the spring onion and slice into circles(3mm wide), then add to the bowl.

6)  Add the splash of olive oil and squeeze of lemon. Give it a gentle mix.

7)   Finally add in the yogurt and season with a light dash of salt and pepper. Gently stir in well and you're done.


Serving Suggestion:

This is a fantastic salad to accompany rice and dhal dishes. Try ours; Beef Rangoon and Tangy Village Chicken.



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