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Yellow Dhal Recipe

red lentil dhal


There are many types of lentils for making dhal, and many complicated methods of cooking it too. But trust me, this is one of the simplest recipes to make a delicious dhal and you'll probably only need to look at this the first time you make it.



  • Red lentils are readily available in most large supermarkets

  • As a rule of thumb, 1 Cup (250g) should be sufficient to serve (4)



  • 1 cup red Lentils 

  • 1tsp salt

  • ½ ( small) onion sliced

  • ½ tsp turmeric powder for colour(optional)

  • 1 tbsp butter

  • A couple of fresh coriander sprigs to garnish



  1. In a small pot, wash and sieve the lentils(1cup) in cold water until the colour of the water is clear

  2. With the washed lentils, add the salt(pinch), onions small) and turmeric(½ tsp) to the pot 

  3. Fill the pot with boiling water to about 3cm above the lentils and mix well

  4. Turn on the heat(high)

  5. When the water starts to boil reduce the heat(low)

  6. Cover with the lid and simmer for about 15mins

  7. Keep an eye on it boiling over and remove the white froth from time to time(if any)

  8. After about 15mins the lentils should now be tender. If not keep simmering, adding a small amount of  boiling water as to not let it burn. 

  9. Once the lentils are tender, you now have your dhal.

  10. Remove the lid and check the texture of the dhal. It's much like a soup in terms of consistency

  11. If you prefer a thicker textured dhal as I do, keep simmering and mixing until thickened.

  12. If you prefer a more watery texture, add a very small amount of water at a time and mix in.     Repeat the process until it's to your liking. 

  13. Once it's ready, turn off the heat and add the spoon full of butter and mix well

  14. Finally add the coriander to garnish

Serving Suggestion:


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